Tuesday, August 26, 2014

BRO-TASTIC!: The Suburban Men Who "Ain't Afraid To Fight Girls" And Other Recent Allegations

Cook County Criminal Court filings against some recent arrestees in Wrigleyville and Boystown:

• Nicholas Marzano of Aurora headed to Wrigleyville on his 21st birthday, August 14. The night ended with Marzano and 22-year-old Kyle Limanowski of Naperville being arrested for battery. According to court filings, the “highly intoxicated” men got into a verbal altercation with
Michelle (a/k/a Maurice) Cain (Cook Co Sheriff's Office)
a 23-year-old Lake Zurich woman in the 3700 block of Clark Street. At some point, Marzano and Limanowski allegedly grabbed the woman as Marzano warned, “we ain’t afraid to fight girls.”

• Michelle (a/k/a Maurice) Cain, 23, has been charged with battery, aggravated assault to a police officer, and resisting police in connection with a wild scene outside of the Belmont L station on August 13. Police arrested Cain after a victim accused him of punching a man in the mouth and biting him on the right arm. As officers loaded Cain into a paddy wagon, court papers say, he “started kicking and flailing [his] arms wildly” at police. Bail is set at $5,000.

• Jessica I. Boyd, 26, is charged with theft after allegedly stealing a man’s wallet while he boogied on the dance floor at Hydrate nightclub on August 17. Boyd  “attempted to flee Hydrate…and was detained” by North Halsted security officers, court papers say, adding “a custodial search” by arriving police officers “revealed [Boyd] to have in her possession the victim’s wallet.”

• 19-year-old Edgar Roman pleaded guilty on August 14 to one count of robbery and was sentenced to 2 years probation and 12 days in the Cook County Jail. The charges stemmed from a January 19, 2013, strong arm robbery on the sidewalk at School and Seminary.
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A REGULAR: Man Accused In Night Ministry Fight And Youth Center Battery Is On Parole For Robbery

Kimble-Dillard (Chicago Police Department)
One of the men arrested for allegedly battering a victim during a 3-on-1 tussle at the Night Ministry weekly outreach recently is no stranger to local police officers.

Battery and reckless conduct charges against Rojah Kimble-Dillard in connection with the Night Ministry incident were dropped after the victim failed to show up in court.

But Cook County Criminal Court records show that Kimble-Dillard, 22, has a long relationship with our neighborhood.

He was sentenced to five years in prison for his involvement in a May 2011 strong arm robbery at School and Sheffield. He was paroled just before Christmas last year.

Kimble-Dillard, whose address of record is the Franciscan Outreach in Wicker Park, still faces battery charges for allegedly hitting a 22-year-old Broadway Youth Center client as CWB reported on July 23. According to court filings, Kimble-Dillard was specifically identified by the victim as being "the subject who headbutted him earlier."


• When 19th district officers stopped Kimble-Dillard for riding a bike on a sidewalk in the 3500 block of Wilton recently, they had to arrest him because he had no identification which would allow them to simply issue a ticket.

• Charges of criminal trespassing to an apartment in the 800 block of Newport in May 2011 were dropped when the victim failed to show up in court.

• Charges were also dropped for alleged criminal trespassing at the Belmont CTA station in May 2011 after the CTA failed to appear in court.

Kimble-Dillard is scheduled to remain on parole status for the 2011 robbery until December 20, 2015.

As of this afternoon, two persons are still facing battery charges in connection with the Night Ministry incident: 18-year-old Keonte Stevens, also known as Mariah Stevens and “Brianna”; and 18-year-old Randy “Paris” White. They both have addresses in the South Side's Washington Heights neighborhood.
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Monday, August 25, 2014

BLOTTER: Weekend Wrap-Up

Image: Learn American English
It was a very busy, hot weekend for our short-handed police officers. The district ran out of cops for at least two extended periods. Top stories:

  • Shots rang out in an Uptown park Saturday night. Then, mayhem on the streets.
  • Last night, a man was shot outside of the same park.
  • Man shot in the face while driving south on LSD near Fullerton Saturday morning.
The weekend ticker: 


1:22AM - Police are called to The Crib youth shelter inside Lakeview Lutheran Church, 835 W Addison, to handled "a female…possibly intoxicated, causing a problem."

2:31AM - Officers are called to Illinois Masonic Medical Center to take a report for a guy who claims he was beaten up at Sluggers, a Wrigleyville bar.

2:34AM - Man calls 911 to report seeing two guys trying to steal a car in the 900 block of Fletcher. He gives detailed descriptions of both men and says they threatened to shoot him when he intervened. Men are last seen running north on Sheffield. One of the "entertainment detail" units responds and closes the call out as "perpetrator gone on arrival." No report taken.

1:57PM - District manpower sapped, "Radio Assignments Pending" (RAP) status is reached. Calls for service stack up until officers become available to respond. The backlog is cleared at 4:08PM.

10:05PM - Shots are fired in an Uptown park and general mayhem ensues. Calls for help accumulate for several hours, but RAP status is not officially declared until 2:24AM. The official RAP will last approximately 5 hours and 38 minutes.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

UPTOWN BOILS: Man Shot Outside Park That Unleashed Weekend Mayhem

Police and fire personnel at a shooting outside
Uptown's Clarendon Park Sunday night.
@Battletek on Twitter)

A 23-year-old Conservative Vice Lord gang member was shot on a sidewalk outside of Uptown's Clarendon Park Sunday night. He is in good condition with a single gunshot wound to his left shoulder.

The shooting comes almost 24 hours after shots were fired inside Clarendon Park, unleashing a wave of mayhem on the streets of Uptown.

In Sunday's shooting, police in the area reported hearing "at least six shots" at 9:13PM and found the victim moments later at 4555 N. Clarendon.

Video of a street fight following Saturday's "shots fired" incident
has appeared on YouTube.
Witnesses say a man jumped out of a black SUV, got between two parked vehicles, shot the victim, then loaded back into the SUV and escaped westbound on Wilson Avenue. Officers reported finding two casings on the scene.

The victim, who lives in Chicago's Irving Park neighborhood, was charges last summer with a weapons violation.

No one was shot in Saturday night's incident, but a wave of street fights and gunshots spread through neighboring streets for several hours. Video showing one of the earliest street fights has wound up on YouTube. Coincidentally, the fight took place at almost exactly the same spot where tonight's victim was shot.

Sunday's shooting is recorded as an aggravated battery with a handgun in CPD case HX401076.
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PRO TIP: Manipulating Manpower Numbers

Are you responsible for forces in a Chicago Police Department district?

Has your district lost 25% of its manpower in two years? Do you want aldermen to believe that patrol cars are being assigned to their neighborhoods even when you don't have enough officers to do it?

Do you want to beef up the percentages you can give when an alderman asks your superintendent
Broken down by watches, how many times … has the 19th District been unable to man all of its beat cars and rapid response cars because it did not have enough officers on duty?
One of the questions submitted in writing to police
Superintendent Garry McCarthy by Alderman Tom Tunney
last year. McCarthy never replied.
Well, the professionals in the 19th district have an idea for you!

Figure out which of your police beats will not be staffed due to a lack of manpower. Assign two of those beat numbers to the district's paddy wagons.

Here's an example: Late Saturday night, our district's paddy wagons—which by department standard should be assigned numbers 1971 and 1972—were assigned the numbers 1934 and 1935. Those are the numbers that should be assigned to normal patrol cars in southeast Lakeview and northeast Lincoln Park.

In reality, the "wagons" probably never touched an inch of asphalt in those areas because their primary duties—shuffling prisoners and being a mobile jail at, say, violent free-for-alls—usually ties up all of their time.

But, on paper, 1934 and 1935 were "manned" Saturday night. Even though they weren't. It's a slick trick that the pros in our neighborhood have been using for almost a year.
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UPTOWN WHORL: Shots Fired, Then Mayhem

Ribbons of blue lights surround Clarendon Park Saturday night. (Image: Michael Holden, via Uptown Update)
UPDATE 9:16PM AUGUST 24: Police have confirmed that a man has been shot moments ago outside of Clarendon Park. CWB will monitor and have a report for you shortly. The victim, a 23-year-old Conservative Vice Lord, is in good condition with a gunshot wound to his shoulder. Our original report follows...

UPDATE 10:10PM AUGUST 24: Video of a (very) small portion of Saturday night's aftermath found its way to YouTube. This video films the exact intersection where Sunday night's victim was shot.


More trouble swept the streets of Uptown late Saturday night and into this morning, tying up substantial portions of the district's police manpower for hours upon hours. Few, if any, arrests were made.

In a park near Clarendon and Sunnyside, an intersection where officers last Monday reported that a Chicago Police camera had been intentionally covered with a black plastic bag, all hell broke loose.

The first sign of trouble came at 10:05PM when an officer who was patrolling Uptown alone reported a “big fight” in Clarendon Park, just north of Montrose.

Less than 30 seconds later, mayhem: “They’re shooting,” announced the solo officer, “I’m outside the park [but] they’re shooting!”

Uptown Update this morning:
Readers report hearing 20-25 gunshots fired at Clarendon Park around 10pm.  Police responded immediately and in force, as seen in the photo above.  The park was cleared.  A helicopter circled, and as late as midnight, there were still investigations going on and a large police presence.
Once the park was cleared, fights, random shootings, and general lawlessness spread into neighborhood streets from Montrose to Wilson. One large cell of trouble repeatedly raised alarms at a “known gang building” in the 4400 block of Clifton where an August 13 uprising put more than a dozen people behind bars.

The tick tock from Uptown last night:

Google map of the area
10:05PM - Officer reports large fight in Clarendon Park.

10:05PM - Same officer, working alone, reports shots fired in the park. A “10-1,” police code for an officer in distress, is announced.

10:09PM - Enough units are on scene to begin an attempt to clear the park.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

LINCOLN PARK: Man Shot On Lake Shore Drive

A 24-year-old man was shot in the face as he traveled southbound on Lake Shore Drive between Diversey and Fullerton this morning.

Police responded to the area of Fullerton and Cannon Drive, just north of the Lincoln Park Zoo, at 12:26AM after a woman called 911 to report that her boyfriend had been shot in the face and she needed help getting him to a hospital.

18th district officers found the victim moments later and alerted our 19th district officers. He was transported to Illinois Masonic Medical Center in "stable" condition with a gunshot wound to his left cheek.

One officer said that a single shell casing was found inside the victim’s van. It is not known if the casing came from the gun used to shoot the man or if it was generated at some other time.

Witnesses provided a vague description of the alleged shooter—a bald man, possibly Hispanic—driving southbound on Lake Shore Drive in a 4-door gray/silver sedan such as a Honda Civic or Nissan Altima.

CPD case HX398763 records the incident as an aggravated battery with a handgun.


Of note, but not definitively connected to the shooting, is a high level of activity early this morning in the 3700 block of Recreation Drive, the area east of Lake Shore Drive just north of Addison. The "Rec Drive" area, particularly a nearby clock tower and lakefront seawall, are well-known gang hang-outs. Two men were shot there in a gang-related incident last month.

911 callers reported drag racing on Recreation Drive about 15 minutes before this morning's shooting and large crowds were reported and confirmed by police in the Rec Drive area as late as 2:15 this morning.
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Friday, August 22, 2014

MUGGY: Trio Robs 2 Boystown Victims In 12 Minutes, Arrest Made

Image: Klabz
UPDATE: As of August 25, no charges have been brought in the robberies.
The thick, soupy weather is drawing out the street urchins who ruined our neighborhood over the past three years. Fortunately, like several recent offenders, this morning's criminals wound up in jail.

Two victims were strong arm robbed by a band of three robbers along Belmont Avenue early this morning in Boystown.

The first victim was strong arm robbed just east of Broadway on Belmont at 1:06AM Friday. There, three attackers took the man's black backpack, brown wallet, 15" Macbook, and an iPhone5. All three suspects were described as black male teens, 5'6" to 5'8" tall. One wore a gray sweatshirt and dark jeans. They were last seen heading west toward Halsted Street.

Officers were on-scene with that victim at 1:18AM when a second robbery call came out from just two blocks away at Belmont and Halsted. That victim reported three young black men threatened him and tried to take his things, but he managed to fight off the offenders after losing only his headphones.

Police caught up with at least one suspect near the Walgreens at Clark and Barry. Both victims were taken there and a positive identification was made. At least one offender is in custody and charges are pending this morning.

The first robbery is CPD case HX397462. The second case number is TBD.

"Good Neighbor" Policy

Police were called to the address of the Broadway Youth Center at 1:30PM Thursday after receiving a call of 10 people fighting in the street. When officers arrived, they were told that "whatever this is" was taking place inside the church. Officers left without investigating the matter because, they said, a Broadway Youth Center representative told them to "get a warrant if I want to go in."

No report? No crime.

Michelle Wetzel, General Counsel of BYC’s parent organization, told us in an email, “there was an altercation between two young people. Our staff separated them keeping one inside and took one outside in order to de-escalate the situation.  The young person outside was a bit loud and someone called the police.  By the time the police arrived the situation was resolved by staff and there was no need for police support.”

Regarding the officer’s statement that a BYC representative told her to “get a warrant” if she wanted to go inside where, presumably the victim was located, Wetzel said, “I can't speak to the conversation between the officer and staff because I don't know what transpired. But I do know that we train our staff to always work with and cooperate with the police. We consider the police to be our partners in the community. Based on that, I am looking into this and we will retrain individual staff if necessary.”

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

GANGED UP: Woman Reports Being Robbed By Group Of Offenders

CWB has confirmed details of a robbery that was reported early last Thursday at Belmont and Halsted.

Officers were called to Halsted and Melrose around 2 o'clock that morning to help a woman who said she had been pepper sprayed by a group of people. Other witnesses said the woman had been "beaten up and put out of a car" at the nearby CTA bus turnaround.

In the end, officers concluded, the woman was robbed by a group of five or six people—five black males and one white woman. One of the men claimed to have a handgun. He was described as wearing a red hoodie.

CPD aggravated robbery case HX386736.
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BOYSTOWN: Purse Snatcher Tracked Down, Arrested

Vacha (Cook Co. Sheriff's Office)
UPDATE 11:13AM: Earlier this year, the suspect created a video while attending the Windy City Times' Youth Summit. His closing thought? "Don't trust everybody at first glance...always be aware of your surroundings."

UPDATE 2:45PM: DNAInfo Chicago has a story with details about the victim, a woman whose husband died from a long illness the night before this mugging. "Now that he attacked an old lady, I'm happy because now it is a serious crime."

A Boystown purse snatcher was arrested less than 15 minutes after the crime Tuesday evening thanks to a quick response and GPS on the victim's phone.

Officers responded to the 7-Eleven at Roscoe and Halsted just before 8PM Tuesday to assist an "elderly woman" whose purse had just been taken. The offender fled south through the alley behind Progress bar and Sidetrack, according to witnesses.

Minutes later, the victim's phone was "pinging" near Broadway and Belmont. Officers zipped over there and found a person matching the offender's description—male, black, 18-20 years old, wearing a camouflage shirt—inside Brazilian Bowl restaurant.

Property belonging to the victim was found on the suspect who was positively identified by a witness. He also led officers to a dumpster where he threw out some of the victim's property behind the 600 block of Aldine. An officer retrieved the additional items and returned them to the victim.

Robert Vacha, 21,  of the 5500 block of South Wabash is charged with robbery of a senior citizen. Bail is set at $250,000.

CPD case number is TBD.

Vacha has no previous adult criminal charges according to Cook County Criminal Court records.

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