Thursday, July 31, 2014

POLICE: Boystown Beating Victim In Serious Condition

Image: Yelp!
A 32-year-old man is in serious condition at Illinois Masonic Medical Center after suffering a severe beating on the Halsted Strip early this morning. Three women, all in their early 20's, are in custody.

Witnesses called police shortly after midnight Thursday to report a group of at least six people "fighting" in the Gerber Collision & Glass parking lot near Halsted and Newport.

Officers arrived quickly and summoned an ambulance for the man while other officers stopped suspects near the Chicago Diner.

Police do not yet know the motive for the crime. A source tells CWB that one of the offenders was seen going through the victim's pockets and another one of the three resisted arrest and threatened to kill police officers.

CWB is withholding the suspects' names until charges are finalized. In custody are:
1) A 22-year-old black female from Chicago's South Austin neighborhood.
2) A 20-year-old black female from the North Austin neighborhood.
3) A 22-year-old black female from south suburban Harvey.
The primary incident is recorded as an aggravated battery with hands/feet/fists causing great bodily harm in CPD case HX367473.

Man Beaten, Robbed In Boystown

A 22-year-old man was taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center for treatment after he was beaten and robbed by two attackers near Halsted and Cornelia around 4:45 this morning.

The offenders are described as two black males, one wearing a dark blue shirt and the other a striped blue shirt. They were last seen running eastbound on Cornelia from Halsted.

CPD case number is TBD.

Robbed At Gunpoint Inside Home Depot

Those doggone armed robbers just haven't gotten Lincoln Park Alderman Michele Smith's message that her neighborhood "will not tolerate [their] outrageous crimes."

This morning, an employee was robbed at gunpoint inside the Home Depot, 2655 N. Halsted, about two blocks from the intersection where Smith staged a ridiculous police roll call to "send a message" to criminals on July 16.

Police were called to the home improvement store around 11:30AM after a male employee was held up in a second floor hallway. Two offenders fled into the store's parking garage and disappeared.

The offenders are described as two Hispanic men in their late 20's or early 30's. One wore a white long-sleeve shirt and the other wore a blue t-shirt. They were armed with a black semi-automatic handgun.

Recorded as an armed robbery with a handgun in CPD case HX367885.
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

GUT-WRENCHING: Urban Stuntman Jumps From Roof, Dangles From Crane Above Boystown

Ethan Swanson dangles from a construction crane high above Halsted Street in this 2013 video.
A local man whose breathtaking jump from a Lincoln Park rooftop is going viral today is no stranger to high places in Boystown.

Ninja-in-training Ethan Swanson's latest video shows him jumping from a rooftop in the 1800 block of Sheffield, skirting down the angle of a neighboring roof, then landing feet-first in an outdoor spiral staircase.

But at least two of Swanson's earlier works took place a little closer to home.

Swanson leaps from the roof of Boystown's Slaymaker Gallery 
building, 936 W. Roscoe, in this 2013 video.
His first Boystown stunt, posted in January 2013, shows Swanson leaping off the back of the Slaymaker Gallery building on Roscoe just east of Clark Street.

Most stomach-churning, though, may be the 2013 video that shows Swanson scaling a construction crane above the now-completed Halsted Flats complex at 3740 N. Halsted. Once he's hundreds of feet up, Swanson dangles from the crane by one hand, with nothing but air between him and the asphalt of Halsted Street.
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Monday, July 28, 2014

NOT KOOL®: 54 Cartons Of Smokes Swiped In Boystown

Yes, he has a smoke.

An opportunistic thief made a lucky strike and escaped with 54 cartons—yes, cartons—of cigarettes from a Boystown gas station Monday morning.

The thief made his move as a delivery driver was bringing a shipment to the Circle K/Shell gas station at Halsted and Addison around 10:45AM.

Witnesses say the man stuffed the smokes into a gray or silver car, then sped south on Halsted. Officers searched the area without success.

Suspect description: Male, Hispanic, "short build," 180 to 230 pounds, wearing a black baseball cap, gray pullover zip-up sweatshirt, and dark jeans. He had a phone earpiece in his ear and a notepad in one hand.

Recorded as a theft of over $500 in CPD case HX363664.
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

CONFLICTED: Superintendent Says Parks Are Protected; Sergeant Says Don't Send Cops Alone

What's down there? Crime. And manpower. (Image: Peter V. Bella)
The morning after a recent riot at Montrose Beach, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy told reporters, "Montrose and the rest of the parks around the city are receiving significant attention and will continue to do so."

You won't be surprised to hear us say that McCarthy was lying.

19th district officers were called to Montrose Beach around 1:15PM yesterday after a man was beaten up by a group of offenders near the soccer fields. Police radio:
Sergeant: "Is Park District security around?"
Dispatcher: "Every time we call, it goes to voicemail. I’ve never talked to a human person."
Another sign of McCarthy's BS: 19th district dispatchers were instructed this morning not to sent police units to the Montrose lakefront alone.

As usual, when you want to know what's really going on, listen to the people on the front lines.

Yesterday's victim was treated at Weiss hospital. The incident is recorded as a battery in CPD case HX361202.

Helmont Burns On

Raw data released by the city now confirms two more robberies along the 800 to 1000 blocks of Belmont, which has racked up untold numbers of muggings since mid-June.

The latest cases to be confirmed by the city are a strong arm robbery at 2AM on Friday, July 18 and another strong arm robbery outside of 1000 Liquors, 1000 W Belmont, at 3:22AM on July 5.
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BYE-CYCLE: Burglar Swipes $3,000+ Custom Bike From Man's Apartment

This is believed to be the orange and black bicycle
stolen from a neighbor's apartment this weekend.
A Boystown couple awoke Sunday to find a burglar in their apartment and another neighborhood resident rolled out of bed this morning only to discover that his $3,000 to $4,000 custom-built bicycle had been stolen from inside his unit.

In the first incident, a couple awoke in their Belmont/Broadway apartment at 6:30 this morning to find a person—they don't know if it was a man or a woman—in their apartment. The offender exited into the alley through the back door with the woman's purse and the man's wallet. Entrance was gained through an unlocked door, police say.

The offender is described only as a "person," about 5-feet 10-inches tall, wearing a white baseball cap and a white t-shirt. Officers searched the area and managed to find a purse in a nearby alley, but it turned out to be the wrong one. (It's hard to keep track of all of the missing purses around here.) CPD case HX362178.

Then, shortly before 1PM today, a man awoke in his garden apartment to discover that his custom-built, 22-speed, orange cyclo-cross bicycle with orange rims, and black tape on its handlebars, was gone. Estimated value: $3,000 to $4,000. No force was used to enter the victim's garden apartment, located in the 3700 block of Pine Grove, during the window of opportunity: 9:30PM last night until 3AM today. CPD case HX362535

Other known burglaries in recent days:

Wednesday, 400 block of Belmont, forcible entry. Case HX357271
Thursday, 3500 block of Southport, method and case number unknown.
Saturday, 900 block of Waveland, unlawful entry. Case HX361554
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FREMONT STREET EXPERIENCE: Cops, Ambulances Called To Massive Wrigleyville House Party

Visual approximation.
At least fifteen police units and four ambulances were called to Fremont and Waveland around 12:30 this morning when a massive house party spilled into the streets and fists started flying.

Police were called to the same block twice early last Sunday to handle large crowds on the street.

Today's incident began at 12:38AM when callers reported a large group fighting in the street around 3722 Fremont. The first police unit on-scene reported 35 people fighting in the streets. Four ambulances were eventually called to treat and transport male and female battery victims.

Officers cleared a massive party out of the 3722 Fremont building, with one unit estimating that "at least 200 people" were shooed out of the complex.

After police departed, residents reported that some party-goers had returned and broken into the apartment building to steal bikes. A next-door neighbor also reported that a group of rowdy partiers were trying to break into her apartment. They did not succeed, according to police.

Officer detained at least one suspect in the battery cases, but all parties either could not or "refused" to identify the perpetrators and it appears that no arrests were made.

One battery report is known to have been filed at this time: HX361936

Repeat Performance?
Police twice responded to the same part of Fremont Street early last Sunday morning to handle large groups on the street.

Later that day, a woman who lives on the block woke up in her apartment to discover that she had been drugged and sexually assaulted after "partying with her neighbors." The perpetrator also allegedly burglarized the woman's apartment.

That incident is recorded as a criminal sexual assault in case HX352803.
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

WELCOME BACK: Robbery, Hate Crime Convict Returns To Boystown...With A Stolen Car

A Boystown foot patrol officer's hunch uncovered a stolen car and an interesting character in our neighborhood around 5 o'clock Wednesday evening.

After running the license plate of a vehicle in the 7-Eleven parking lot at Roscoe and Halsted, the officer learned that the car—a 2002 Buick—had been reported stolen out of Park Ridge.

The 27-year-old driver of the auto, who just finished parole on May 1st, was taken into custody for criminal trespass to a vehicle.

CWB is withholding the driver's name until charges are formalized. His criminal history is colorful, though.

In addition to being an alleged gang affiliate, court records show that he was sentenced to four years in prison in 2010 for robbery, aggravated battery, and a hate crime. He was paroled after serving slightly more than two years.

Oh, yes. One more thing. His address of record? 3179 N. Broadway, the former home of the Broadway Youth Center.
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READLING LIST: A Couple Of Recommendations

Two Three good ways to spend a commute:

• The Tribune's Rex W. Huppke's write up on "turning points" would be a wise investment of three minutes.

• Former cop Bob Zuley continues his outstanding coverage of Jacob Klepacz's death with reports on last week's arrest in the case. Zuley's crime reporting for the Inside group of community papers went to a new level with his work on Jacob's story. Paper copies are in area stores and online subscriptions are $10 per year.

• How often do we hear someone—usually an alderman—dismiss violent crime as "gang related," as if that should somehow ease minds? Or "the offenders weren't from this neighborhood" as if that should, too. Bill Savage's column about dismissing crime in one's neighborhood as being some other neighborhood's problem should be required reading.  He's over at Crain's Chicago Business.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

NITWIT: Workers Battered On Scaffolding Outside 48th Floor Apartment

The 48th floor of the Park Place Tower condominium building.
Workers on scaffolding outside the 48th floor of an Irving Park high rise got the scare of their lives this morning when an irate resident allegedly pelted them with eggs, a stuffed animal, and a broom stick in an effort to get them to be quiet so he could get some sleep.

When that didn't work, building management alleges, the resident—who bartends at a swanky rooftop lounge in the Loop—began pulling on the scaffolding's ropes!

Police arrived at the 655 W. Irving Park address around 11:30AM and were given access to the bartender's unit.

There, the sleepy headed night owl was arrested for battery. CPD case HX356884. Charges are pending.
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PERV TV: "Upskirt" Bust At Addison Red Line

Chicago Police arrested a man after he was allegedly caught filming an "upskirt" video on a Red Line train moments before the start of last night's Cub's game.

Officers arrived at the Addison station shortly before 7 o'clock after multiple callers reported that citizens were holding the man who allegedly filmed up at least one woman's private areas with a camera hidden in a black plastic bag.

The man was busted after a victim who boarded at Belmont Avenue noticed that his hand was getting a little closer to her nether regions than she thought to be appropriate.

As the train approached Addison, the woman noticed a camera lens and screamed out, prompting bystanders to detain the offender. The victim subsequently told her story on Reddit, calling the offender "a weakling and a total wimp about getting caught."

An arrest was quickly made, but it is not yet clear how many women were victimized before the voyeuristic videographer got caught.

The case is logged as unauthorized videotaping in CPD case HX356096.

Helmont Strikes Again

City data released early this morning reveals yet another previously-unreported robbery on  Belmont Avenue. A victim was strong arm robbed outside of the Belmont CTA station at 12:30AM last Wednesday morning, according to the city. No arrest has been made in the matter, which is recorded in CPD case HX346969.

Burglary Beat

8:49PM Monday, 1100 block of Addison. Unlawful entry. Case HX354848.
10:17AM Tuesday, a church in the 800 block of Aldine. Forcible entry. Case HX355351.

Lighter Side: Suspect Description of The Week

Monday, July 14, 8:20PM: Suspicious person report, 3400 block of Elaine. Hispanic man is hugging trees and trying to start fights with pedestrians. He's wearing a blue shirt, black pants, and a Burger King crown
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