Monday, September 01, 2014

DUMB & DUMBER: Guns, Badges, Body Armor, Bullets Stolen From Cars On North Side

The victims (visual approximation).
These people really should know better.

Twice last week, officers went on the hunt for firearms and other sensitive items that had been stolen from (or with) vehicles on Chicago’s North Side.

Monday afternoon, a security guard’s Camaro was stolen on the far North Side. Within the Camaro: her body armor, handgun, and 3 extra magazines filled with 10 rounds each. Police immediately identified a suspect and they arrested him at a 7-Eleven in Uptown Tuesday.

Then, on Friday, an off-duty cop from Green Bay, Wisconsin, reported that his handgun, badge, and other items were stolen from a car on the North Side. At last report, those items were still at large.
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

NUTS: Cops Depleted, Arsonist Lurks, And On And On

An outdoor police roll call. Or a dog and pony
show. We can't be sure.
(Paulick Report)
After a mild start, the holiday weekend heated up quickly. With another day to go, here are the headlines so far:
  • An arsonist swept through the alleys of Boystown and nearby Lake View Sunday, setting at least three fires, with video capturing him in the act of setting the first blaze. One coach house is expected to be a total loss. No injuries.
  • District was in "RAP" status, meaning officers were not available to handle emergency calls immediately, for nearly four hours early Sunday. At one point, nearly half of the district's beat cars are assigned to take control of post-bar Wrigleyville.
  • Police ranks were so thin, it took 7 minutes for a fire department ambulance to get help when a medical run went bad at the Belmont CTA station.
  • A 1AM photo-op outdoor police roll call at Belmont and Sheffield on Saturday seemed to have no effect on crime in that area. 

PHOTOS: Arsonist Crawls Neighborhood Alleys Overnight

Fire sweeps through a Roscoe Street garage.
Several neighbors are dealing with clean-up, insurance claims, and emotional strain after an arsonist swept through neighborhood alleys overnight. No one was injured in the fires. A Boystown resident’s home surveillance system captured images of the arsonist in action.

Our early morning report is HERE and video af the arsonist in action is on our YouTube account HERE. Additional photos follow...

Above: Aftermath of the Roscoe Street fire.
Above/Below: Clean up begins on the Wellington Avenue coach house.

Above: A girl looks on as a man cleans debris from a neighbor's coach house fire.
ABOVE: Arson investigators say this wooden pallet was intentionally ignited and set the truck ablaze.
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VIDEO: Arsonist Sets Blaze In Boystown This Morning; Other Suspicious Fires Nearby, Coach House Engulfed

Surveillance footage captured  a Boystown
arsonist in action early this morning.
UPDATE: Photos of the three fires' aftermath are now up.
He takes his time setting a fire in Boystown this morning, moving things around in the Roscoe Street alley until everything is arranged to his liking. Then, he bends down, puts a flame to a mattress, and walks away.

That series of events was caught on video, the first of at least three arson fires that swept the area overnight, gutting a coach house, burning out a truck, and heavily damaging the Roscoe Street garage in separate crimes.

No one was injured.

...moments later, flames have engulfed the garage....
The first sign of trouble came at 4:10AM as several Boystown residents called fire and police units to the arsonist's mattress fire which had quickly spread to a nearby garage in the 800 block of Roscoe.

At 4:53AM, fire department crews rushed to a fully-engulfed coach house in the 1000 block of Wellington in nearby Lakeview. Two women who live in the home are reportedly on vacation. That fire also torched a nearby truck. (CPD case HX409465)

Firemen strike the Roscoe Street blaze.
At 5:53, a police dispatcher was still trying to find an officer to handle the third fire, which was reported over an hour earlier. In that case, fire department officials say, a garbage can and wooden pallet were set ablaze in the 3200 block of Kenmore. That fire also ignited a nearby vehicle. (CPD case HX409501)

Separately, a dumpster fire was reported at 12:37 Saturday morning in the alley behind the 700 block of Belmont. Flames grew large enough for some 911 callers to report that a second-story porch was on fire. Thankfully, that was not the case.

Early on June 10, an arsonist set several cars on fire near Wrigley Field. No arrest was made in connection with those incidents.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

DOUBLE DOWN: Second Time For Fifth Third Bank Robber

Images: FBI
The FBI says a bank robber who held up the Fifth Third Bank at Diversey and Clark on August 5 struck again this morning.

Agents say the man walked into the Andersonville Fifth Third Bank, 5501 N. Ashland, around 11:35AM and demanded cash.

The bandit, who wore a cheap orange rain poncho and sunglasses in the first heist, revealed his full face today.

He was last seen walking eastbound on Catalpa toward Clark Street wearing a Bud Light baseball hat and a gray t-shirt suggesting people should "make levees, not war."

A reward is offered for information that leads to the man's arrest. FBI Chicago: 312.421.6700
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Friday, August 29, 2014

COURT REPORT: $1 Million Bail Set In Surf Street Robbery

Moore (Cook Co. Sheriff's Office)
Bail has been set at $1,000,000 for two men in connection with last week's armed robbery near Surf and Broadway. As CWB reported yesterday, police tracked down two suspects by following pings from the victim's stolen electronics.

Demourle Moore, 19, is charged with one count of armed robbery and one count of cannabis possession. The other suspect, Malik Cole, 27, is charged with one count of armed robbery.

According to court papers, the victim alleges that Moore pointed a pistol at her while Cole put her valuables into his backpack.

Moore was on parole at the time of last week's robbery for a February weapons violation in which he received a 1-year sentence.

Police officers in that case alleged that they saw Moore in an alley and watched as he tossed a handgun over a fence, apparently in an effort to not get caught with it. Court papers indicate that Moore is an admitted member of the Gangster Disciples street gang.

Guilty Plea

Haymon (Cook Co. Sheriff's Office)
Steven J. Haymon, 27, has pleaded guilty to criminal trespass to a vehicle after being found behind the wheel of a car that he did not own in the parking lot of Boystown's 7-Eleven store last month.

Haymon received a 60 day sentence with 13 days credit for the time he sat in Cook County Jail.

As CWB reported at the time, Haymon—whose address of record continues to be the former location of the Broadway Youth Center—recently completed parole after being found guilty of robbery, aggravated battery, and a hate crime on the street at Halsted and Aldine in 2010.

The police report from that 2010 incident does not lay out what Haymon did to draw hate crime charges.
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ASSAULT & PEPPER: No Report Filed In Overnight Robbery

When no report is filed,
crime disappears like magic.
A woman flagged down police on School Street near Sheffield overnight after being pepper-sprayed and robbed of her purse.

Unfortunately, she decided to not file a report, so the crime will never be included in city statistics.

The incident happened around 2:30AM when two offenders—both black men, one of whom was heavyset and wore a floral print—sprayed the woman and fled with a bright green tote bag that contained her credit cards and $150 cash.

Officers drove the woman around the neighborhood to look for her attackers, but came up empty handed. No report.
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ROUND-UP: CPD Transfer Opportunities Posted...And Other Items Of Interest

Naughty Sarah Naughton on police car video.
Sarah Naughton, who was an Assistant State’s Attorney when she was accused of causing a drunken disturbance, flashing her badge, and biting a Belmont Avenue lingerie store worker in 2012, is now facing professional disciplinary action.

Naughton was acquitted of the battery in a bench trial and managed to keep her job as a county prosecutor until Fox 32 obtained video from the 19th district police car that transported her after the arrest.

The video shows Naughton “wriggling out of her handcuffs, slamming her foot against the window and taking a swing at an officer,” Fox says.

Upon seeing that video, “State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez fired [Naughton] the same day” and the Illinois’ Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission has now filed a complaint accusing Naughton of “committing criminal acts that ‘…reflect adversely on the lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness as a lawyer.'”

The IARDC's brief, yet profane, complaint against Naughton is online.

Chicago's Office of the Legislative Inspector General found last summer that 44th ward Alderman Tom Tunney "improperly called and attempted to tamper with a potential witness” in Naughton’s battery case. His conduct was referred to the City Council's Board of Ethics.

Five In,  But How Many Out?

Five CPD officers will be allowed to transfer to our district in the current round of opportunities. Unfortunately, there are a large number of opportunities to transfer into other “good” districts and that usually means that we will also be losing officers to those positions.

As of mid-July, the 19th district has gained 17 officers in 2014, but the district still has fewer officers than it did last summer and it has about 24% fewer cops than it did at the end of 2011.

FIRST CLASS TRAMP: Lincoln Park Restaurant Robbed In Broad Daylight

Taj Mahal restaurant (Google)
Two men, including one decked out in a U.S. Postal Service jacket, robbed a Lincoln Park restaurant Thursday afternoon, pressing an object believed to be a gun into an employee’s back, and making off with money and the worker's iPhone.

After robbing the sleepy Taj Mahal restaurant near Halsted and Fullerton around 4:20PM, both offenders fled eastbound through a gangway and disappeared.

Cell phone tracking indicates that the victim’s phone soon found its way to Adams and Wabash, then quickly proceeded south of 35th Street. Neither the offenders nor the stolen goods have been found.

Offender descriptions:
1) Male, black, 25, 5’3” tall, 150 pounds, wearing a blue Postal Service jacket
2) Male, black, 35, 6’ tall, 160 pounds, wearing a brown jacket and yellow t-shirt.
The restaurant hold-up was the second apparent armed robbery reported in that immediate area on Thursday. Earlier, a British tourist flagged down an officer to report that he had been robbed at gunpoint as he walked near Fullerton and Clark.

Following two armed robberies on a single day this summer,  Lincoln Park Alderman Michele Smith held a police “roll call” on a quiet side street to “send a message” to criminals that armed robberies will not be tolerated on her turf. The criminals did not attend.
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

SNOOKERED: Tourist Robbed In Lincoln Park

An international traveler who is staying at a Lincoln Park youth hostel received a traditional Chicago greeting this morning: He was beat up and robbed.

The UK citizen flagged down an officer near Clark and Fullerton at 6:40 this morning to report the crime, but he could not remember exactly where the robbery took place.

Offender descriptions:
1) Male, black, early 20's, large afro, 5'7" tall
2) Male, black, early 20's, Jheri curls, 5'8" tall, wearing a black hoodie
3) Female, black, 5'5" tall, wearing a red hoodie and jean shorts.
Apparently, those three did not get Lincoln Park Alderman Michele Smith's message about how her neighborhood would "not tolerate these outrageous crimes."

CPD case number is TBD.
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