Sunday, April 20, 2014

EGG-STRAS: Weekend Blotter

Some notes and less serious items from the weekend:

Burglary Beat

A couple of forcible entry burglaries in LSD/Sheridan highrises. Rather unusual.

• 3000 block of Sheridan. Forcible entry. Friday.

• 3700 block of Lake Shore Drive. Forcible entry. Sunday.

• 3800 Sheffield. Forcible entry. Sunday.

• 2900 block of Racine, a burglary attempt was made while the homeowner was inside around 10:30PM Friday. The offender escaped.

Not "Smart"

Police were called to Halsted and Waveland at 12:08PM Friday after a woman complained that a motorist took her off her bike and threw her to the ground because she "got smart" with him for almost hitting people. One arrest for battery in CPD case HX228166.

Party of The Year

A massive party with 200 to 250 revelers kept the 3700 block of Fremont hoppin' late Friday and early Saturday.

The first 911 call came in around 11:45PM, reporting that a woman was in the alley trying to disperse 200 party-goers, but "they won't listen to her." Officers arrived and called for additional units to handle "250 people walking around and acting like idiots" at Fremont and Waveland.

A couple of hours later, the party had re-assembled in the alley behind the 3700 Fremont. It was dispersed. Then, at 2:50AM, multiple 911 callers reported seven men beating up a lone combatant in the 3700 block of Fremont. Officers arrived to find "30 to 40" people scrambling away. The man who got beat up refused EMS services.


Thursday, 7:15PM - A man reportedly threw rocks and damaged a vehicle passing Halsted and Waveland.

Sunday, 12:07AM - The doorman at 3730 N. Lake Shore Drive reports that two 8-foot-by-6-foot plate glass windows at the building's entrance "shattered at the same time." Criminal damage to property report taken.

Sunday, 12:26AM - A CTA bus at Lake Shore Drive and Stratford reports that someone threw an object and shattered a window. Criminal damage to vehicle report taken.

Offender Description of the Week

Easter, 9:53AM...
Dispatcher: If you can believe it on this Sunday morning...There's prostitution, 5XX West Aldine. Female. Black. Prostitute. Green sweat pants, gray t-shirt, and a bad wig that needs to be removed."
We think the prostitute needed to be removed, not the wig. Although...
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BLOCK BY BLOCK: The Most Robbery-Plagued Streets In Wrigleyville And Boystown

Which streets within Wrigleyville and Boystown are the most "popular" with robbery offenders?

CWB analysis of the Chicago Police Department's 2013 crime data for police beats 1923, 1924, and 1925 arrived at an unsurprising answer:  The 900 block of Belmont blows the doors off every other stretch of road, with 27 robberies reported last year.

That means that 11% of the robberies in Wrigleyville and Boystown took place in the 900 block of Belmont last year.

That remarkable number is more than three times the number of robberies reported on the same stretch of road in 2012. Only seven of last year's 27 incidents were at the Belmont CTA station.

Two adjacent streets—the 1000 block of Belmont and the 3200 block of Sheffield—added 9 more robberies to last year's record-setting tally, making the intersection of Belmont and Sheffield the most robbery-laden intersection in the neighborhood—and one of the most robbery-plagued in the entire city.

The iconic Boystown intersection of Halsted and Roscoe is another robbery hot spot, with Halsted Street between Aldine and Roscoe being the second-most robbery-laden block in the area. The adjacent 700 block of Roscoe and 3400 block of Halsted added 9 more robberies to the mix.

Next up: Clark Street between Cornelia and Addison, followed by Clark between Aldine/School and Roscoe.

The full list of robberies per block follows.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

BUS-TED: 1 Tazed By Attacker In "Huge" Fight On Belmont Bus; At Least 5 Arrests

Five people, including one man who dressed as a woman, are in custody following a huge fight onboard a Belmont CTA bus this afternoon. At least one victim was tazed by an offender during the incident.

Around 2:20PM, witnesses reported that the bus had pulled over at Southport and that up to 12 people were engaged in physical altercations.

According to a CWB reader who was on-board the bus:
A few blocks west of Southport…a group of 10 males, females and transsexuals - all ten were African American - boarded the bus. Things were fine for a few blocks…But then things suddenly changed. 
People were yelling and shouting [in the back of the bus] after an older African American man accidentally brushed one of the kids with his jacket and the war started. 
One of the transexuals held up a tazer and I heard the crackling and knew something was going to happen.
Just east of the new Northwestern medical clinic the police detained about 7 of the kids against the fence of one of those townhouses. But this means that some got away - potentially the one that used the tazer.
[The man who was tazed] was a bit shook up but he and another friend of his were walking and appeared in normal health.
An ambulance was called to treat the tazing victim.

Case number is TBD.
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UPDATED 3:24PM: Added witness account.

BAD PEEPS: Two More Robbed In Boystown Overnight

Boystown's ugly side came out again overnight, leaving two fun-seekers to spend the Easter weekend recovering from strong-arm robberies.

Both robberies, which may have been pulled off by the same attackers, occurred as the "early" bars closed around 2 o'clock.

Robbery #1: Halsted And Roscoe

The first victim was robbed on the southeast corner of Halsted and Roscoe, outside of Progress Bar, around 2AM. The victim, who filed their police report over the phone, was robbed of their cell phone by two offenders who fled across Halsted and westbound on Roscoe. The police case number is TBD.

Offender descriptions:
1 — Male, black, 16 to 22 years old, wearing a white hoodie.
2 — Male, black, 5'9" tall, wearing a light denim jacket and white sneakers.

Robbery #2: 845 W. Cornelia

Moments later, at 2:05AM, a Lake View man was mugged on a notoriously dark stretch of Cornelia near Reta, about a half-block west of the Halsted strip. The victim was roughed up and robbed of his iPhone and wallet by two offenders:
1 — Male, black, early 20's, 5'9" tall, wearing a hoodie with a baseball hat underneath, and possibly sporting a mustache.
2 — Male, black.
Recorded as a strong arm robbery in CPD case HX229059.
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

BLOTTER: Notes From The Week

More burglary action around Wrigleyville. Among the reported break-ins this week:
• 3500 block of Reta. Wednesday. Forcible entry. Case HX226227.
• 3700 block of Fremont. Wednesday. Forcible entry. Case HX226224.
• 3700 block of Fremont. Tuesday. Classified by police as a "theft." Case HX224758.

Lincoln Park: Woman Robbed Near Youth Hostel

A female robbery victim called for help from the Chicago Getaway Hostel at 11:08 Tuesday night after two men with masked faces claimed to have a gun and took her passport and black iPhone 4S.

Police were told that the offenders fled toward the Fullerton Red Line from the hostel, which is located near Clark and Fullerton.

Transit police officers were at the Fullerton station within a minute, but they did not see anyone matching the offender descriptions:
1) male, black, 5'9" tall, stocky build, in his early 20's. He wore a white hoodie, blue jeans, and a mask covering the lower part of his face.
2) male, black, "really tall," in his 20's. He wore a black hoodie.
Recorded as an aggravated robbery in CPD case HX225030.
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EMPTY PROMISES: Neigborhood's Police Shortage Becomes More And More Apparent

Thanks to the city's decision to take away 27% of our district's police force over the past two years, situations like this one from 7 o'clock Tuesday evening are becoming more and more common.
DISPATCHER: For the units in [the 19th district], no cars available. Got a domestic-related person with a knife. 45XX Sheridan…Girlfriend inside armed with a knife 
SUPERVISOR: If there’s no cars available, give it to a [tactical unit].  

DISPATCHER: 1963David?

1963DAVID: ...We’re all the way on the south side of the district. We’ll respond, but if there’s a car closer…
DISPATCHER: Yeah. We’re kinda outta luck there.

TBT: Throwback Quote Of The Week

Bennett Lawson, Chief of Staff for 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney, telling citizens why merging the former 19th and 23rd police districts in March 2012 would be good for public safety:
The total number of officers in the district will stay in place, non-sworn personnel working in the district will be reduced and there will be more sworn officers on the street. There will also be the same number of [patrol] cars.
  - As of last month, the total number of officers in our district has dropped from 468 before the merger to 340.

  - There are 27% fewer "sworn officers on the street."

  - The department eliminated 3 police beats in the merger, a 17% decrease in the number of "patrol cars."

Quote source: Center Square Journal
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TRIBUNE: Another Woman Accused Rape, Robbery Suspect Of Sexual Assault in December

Marcus Lynch, the man charged with raping and robbing a woman in a Boystown alley Monday afternoon, was accused of sexual assaulting another woman in December, but prosecutors did not file charges, the Chicago Tribune reports:
[P]rosecutors acknowledged that another woman had come forward in December alleging Lynch had sexually assaulted her. But prosecutors decided that they did not have enough evidence to convict Lynch, said Sally Daly, spokeswoman for the Cook County state's attorney's office.
“It was a different case with different circumstances, and there was insufficient evidence to pursue charges,” Daly said.
That development was nonchalantly added to the Tribune story during a Wednesday evening re-write.
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NEW: Fresh Crime Maps Up At Chicago Spectrum

Our friends at Chicago Spectrum have updated their Wrigleyville- and Boystown-area crime maps.

Hop over, select a crime category, and see what has been happening near you.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

BOYSTOWN ATTACK: Brushes With The Law Had Been Relatively Minor

Prior to facing criminal sexual assault and armed robbery charges in connection with Monday's attack in Boystown, 20-year-old Marcus Lynch had three relatively minor brushes with the law as an adult. Charges were dropped in all three cases.

Prosecutors say Marcus Lynch confessed to Monday's
attack. We are pleased to hear that he did not
follow his t-shirt's advice.
None of the previous incidents occurred in Wrigleyville or Boystown according to CWB's review of Cook County Criminal Court and Chicago Police Department records.

- Lynch's first charge as an adult came on July 12, 2011, following a battery incident at a Logan Square home. Prosecutors dropped the case.

- Five months later, on December 14, Lynch was charged with domestic battery following an incident at the same Logan Square location. Charges were dropped after the victim failed to appear in court.

- Most recently, Lynch was charged with theft of services after allegedly crossing into the 47th Street Green Line station without paying on June 27, 2013. That charge was dropped after the CTA failed to appear.

A judge today ordered Lynch to be held without bail in connection with Monday's attack. Prosecutors say Lynch has confessed.
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DONE AND DONE: Rape Suspect In Custody Cops Say; Serial Bank Robber Is, Too

Marcus Lynch.
Charges have been filed in Monday afternoon's sexual assault and robbery in Boystown.

Back of the Yards resident Marcus Lynch, 20, is in custody and facing charges of criminal sexual assault and armed robbery. A bail hearing is set for today.

Also in court today will be the man that the FBI says is the "Benchwarmer Bandit" bank robber.

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