Saturday, November 22, 2014

A REAL TURKEY: At Least 2 More Mugged Overnight

Approximate locations of this morning's incidents.
At least two more people were beaten and robbed in the neighborhood overnight, with a third reported robbery yet to be verified.

In the latest incident, a man was approached from behind and hit in the head with an unknown object near Waveland and Southport around 2:30 this morning. The victim’s friend called 911 and reported that two black men were last seen running eastbound on Waveland with the victim’s wallet and cell phone.

An ambulance was called to assist the victim who suffered injuries to the back of his head. (CPD case HX515854)

Other Incidents

As we reported overnight, another man was attacked and robbed near Clifton and Waveland at 12:30AM. While a police tactical unit stopped three suspicious people nearby moments later, the victim was unable to identify his attackers. (Case number TBD)

We have not yet confirmed the veracity of the third reported robbery. In that alleged incident, a man called 911 at 3:15AM to report that his friend had been beaten and robbed at Belmont and Lakewood by four offenders who fled in a gray van.

Reversal of Fortune

After enjoying an impressive decline in robberies this year, the neighborhood has been experiencing a significant increase in muggings lately.

As of this morning, CWB has verified 10 robberies in the neighborhood so far this month, compared to 11 in the entire month November of last year.
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SOURCES: Alleged Lake View Shooting Appears False

A 22-year-old man’s claim of being shot in the hand while on a sidewalk near Diversey and Sheridan around 2:15 this morning appears to be false,  according to CWB sources.

We are told that the man, who was indeed shot, made a point of leaving the hospital before detectives arrived and he provided false information to hospital workers.

In addition to being an uncooperative victim, police say, no 911 calls of shots fired were received from that intersection overnight. And, in an area that is usually busy with vehicle traffic as well as bar-goers on foot in the early hours, the absence of reports is notable.

While Presence St. Joseph Hospital is located directly across from the alleged shooting scene, the Chicago Tribune reports that the man sought treatment nearly five miles away at Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center in Ukrainian Village.

Police do not know where the shooting really happened.

Other neighborhoods were not so lucky overnight. Our friends at Hey Jackass have verified three homicides in Chicago since yesterday evening, bringing this month’s total to 32. Last November, the city recorded 28 homicides for the entire month.

This is the third consecutive month to show year-over-year increases in homicides.
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SIX STIGMA: Wrigleyville Man Mugged As Spree Continues

A Wrigleyville man became at least the sixth person robbed in our neighborhood this week as he was attacked near Clifton and Waveland at 12:30 this morning.

While a 19th district tactical unit stopped three suspicious individuals in the area moments after the man was robbed, they had to let the trio go because the victim was unable to identify the offenders.

After enjoying an impressive decline in robberies this year, the neighborhood has been experiencing a significant increase in muggings this month. Police believe about a third of this month's incidents are the work of single crew.
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Friday, November 21, 2014

PATTERN SPREADS: Another Delivery Driver Robbed

Conservative Outfitters
Area North Detectives believe that a robbery crew that has targeted delivery drivers, including one in nearby Lakeview, struck again this week.

The latest incident took place in the 2700 block of N. Richmond in Logan Square around 8:10PM on Tuesday.

Police issued an alert on Monday after two earlier incidents were connected—one in the 1500 block of Byron and the other in the 4400 block of Mozart.

Typically, the robbery crew displays a handgun, pushes the driver to the ground, and takes the victim's valuables.

If you have any information, contact detectives at (312) 744-8263 and refer to cases HX501548, HX506319, HX511939 or alert #P14-N-195(BA).
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MORE MUGGINGS: Boystown Man Is Latest Victim

Halsted Flats (
A resident of the brand new Halsted Flats luxury apartment complex was beaten and robbed on his way home this morning, police say.

Officers were called to the sparkling new building at 3740 N. Halsted at 2AM to meet with the victim. The man told them that he cut through an alley on his way home from the Addison Red Line Station when an offender approached him, punched him in the face, claimed to have a weapon, and threatened to kill him if he did not surrender his valuables.

The thug fled in a nearby 4-door sedan with the victim's iPhone, Macbook, and North Face brand black book bag.

According to the victim, his assailant is a black man who wore a White Sox hat, a black jacket, and a blue t-shirt. CPD case HX514520.

Theft Arrests

Two offenders were arrested in the 700 block of Brompton at 3:45 this morning after allegedly stealing a man's jacket, bag, and credit cards near Halsted and Grace.

The victim stayed in touch with the 911 call taker as he followed the offenders from near iHop south to Brompton, where police caught up with them. Case HX514545.

Montrose CTA Mugging

A Lake View man put up a valiant fight when two muggers wearing ski masks and armed with an apparently fake gun attacked him near the Montrose Brown Line station Thursday afternoon.

The victim managed to pull off one of the would-be robbers' ski masks before they both fled empty handed, just two blocks from Mayor Rahm Emanuel's home.

Both suspects are described as boys between 15 and 18 year old. The first is white, 6'1" tall, 160 pounds. The second attacker lost his ski mask during a struggle with the victim and is described as Asian.  Both wore all black clothing.

Belmont CTA Theft

A phone snatcher claimed another prize on the Belmont CTA platform around 3 o'clock Monday afternoon. The female victim described the thief as female, black, 5'4" tall, heavyset, wearing a black jacket and gray sweatpants.
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Thursday, November 20, 2014

THE NAME GAME: Meet Some Recent Neighborhood Arrestees (And Their Multiple Names)

On the left, she's Maria Baez. On the right, she's Martha Rivera.
(Cook Co. Sheriff's Office, Illinois Dept of Corrections)
CWB has learned that the woman who is charged with battering a police officer and breaking into vehicles at Mayor Rahm Emanuel's security detail headquarters last week is on parole for burglary and manufacture/distribution of cocaine...under a different name.

While police identified the woman last week as Maria Baez, court records and Illinois Department of Corrections records also identify her as Martha Rivera.

Baez/Rivera's co-arrestee last week, Edwin Torres, has previously been arrested in Cook County as "Ebony Humphrey."

Prostitution Arrest

Macon. (Chicago Police Dept)
After a long hiatus, it appears that Chicago police are once again addressing prostitution in the neighborhood.

Manual Macon (Yes, Manual), 37, was arrested in the 800 block of Aldine for soliciting late on Thursday, November 6.

This spring, he served two days for soliciting in the 5000 block of Madison after offering oral sex to an undercover cop for $12.

Macon's 142-entry-long Cook County Criminal Court file  contains arrests under the names Lee Macon, Emannuel Jackson, John Bratt, Daryle Jackson, Shawn Williams, Shawn Macon, Tyrone Martin, Sean Mason, David Johnson, Manuel Lee, David Lee, Emmanuel Macon, and Eddie Brooks.

Depending on which arrest report you read, he either lives in a homeless shelter on Canal Street or somewhere in Wilmette.

Burglary Bust

Duata Head, charged last week with a series of Lakeview burglaries, is believed to be the burglar who escaped a 1-hour manhunt in West Lakeview on Halloween night.

Among the items found in his possession after being arrested were a high school class ring and a camera that belong to two residents of a home in the 3400 block of Marshfield where the pursuit of a burglar began on October 31.

Police also recovered a Macbook and a trove of jewelry that was taken from an apartment in the 3200 block of Clifton.

Sheffield Garage

Terrel Parron, 19, and Andrew Givens, 22, are charged with trespassing after police found them in a parking garage near Belmont and Sheffield where 22 vehicles had been apparently burglarized.

Givens was charged in April with trespassing and assaulting a security guard at the Center on Halsted. The guard told police that Givens was barred from COH property. When he asked Givens to leave, the guard said, Givens threatened to knock his head off and slap the Bluetooth out of his ear.

The case was dismissed when the guard failed to show up in court.
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Monday, November 17, 2014

BACK WITH A VENGEANCE: Even *More* Robberies Reported; At Least 6 Victims Since Friday (UPDATE)

Political Blind Spot
UPDATE 8:50AM—Police have issued a community alert to warn of robberies. The alert connects two of this weekend's incidents to the same group of offenders: Saturday morning's robberies at Clark and School as well as Saturday morning's robbery at Cornelia and Wilton. More info on those robberies HERE.
What a mess. Two more people have been robbed since we posted our weekend wrap-up yesterday afternoon. That brings the weekend total to six robbery victims in the area, with four of them being targeted in  Wrigleyville and Boystown.

Cold weather didn't temper violence citywide, either. According to our friends at Hey Jackass, five people have been murdered in Chicago since noon Saturday.

With two weeks remaining, Chicago's had 24 murders this month. It had 28 in the entire month of November last year.

Woman Chases Robber

The latest to be mugged in our ‘hood is a woman who got strong-arm robbed near on Newport between Halsted and Clark around 5:30 Sunday evening. Police say the offender dropped some of the woman’s property after she chased after him all the way to Clark Street. Good going, girl!

Police searched the area but were unable to find the offender, who is described as a six-foot-tall black man in his 30’s wearing a blue hat and blue hoodie. He was last seen running westbound on Roscoe from Sheffield. CPD case HX509410.

Delivery Driver Robbed At Gunpoint

A bit west of us, a Papa John’s delivery driver was robbed around 6:30PM Sunday on Byron, just east of Ashland. One of two offenders brandished a handgun, taking the victim’s ID, credit card, and about $50 cash.

The robbers were last seen running northbound.

No description is available for one of the men. The other is described as black, wearing a black hoodie that may have had “White Sox-type lettering” reading “Chicago” on the front.

Case number TBD.


As of this report, the known robberies in Wrigleyville and Boystown are:

  • Saturday, 2AM Clark and School/Aldine
  • Saturday, 3AM Cornelia and Wilton
  • Saturday 4AM Belmont and Kenmore
  • Sunday, 5:30PM 800 block of Newport

The two known robberies from nearby are:

  • Sunday, 6:30PM, Byron and Ashland
  • Sunday, 1:13AM, 2600 block of Wilton

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

WINTER PLUNDERLAND: Crisp Weekend Sees 3+ Robbed, Several Beaten

Funny Junk
UPDATE: Another woman has been robbed in Wrigleyville, bringing to total muggings in the immediate area to at least four.
Colder weather? That didn't put a chill on violence around here. The "Entertainment Districts" of Wrigleyville and Boystown soaked up more than their fair share of police officers—siphoning police away from the rest of the district at a level normally reserved for warmer months.

At least 4 robberies have been recorded, with three in the immediate area. All involved groups of 3 to 6 men attacking individual victims.  At mid-month, the neighborhood is pacing to have more robberies this month than in November 2013.

Several beat-downs that did not include robbery have also reported. Here's the weekend ticker:


2:06AM - Man is pushed to the ground and robbed by 3 to 4 offenders at Clark and School (Aldine).

2:32AM — Woman reports someone trying to kick in her back door, 2700 block of Wilton. At the same time, a neighbor reports hearing a woman screaming for help and a third caller reports a "suspicious person." Police arrive, find the back door kicked in. The offender is gone. No report filed.

3:00AM — Officers returning to the station after giving the 2:06AM robbery victim a ride to Lincoln Park are flagged down near the Addison Red Line station by a man who has just been robbed by four offenders, one of whom had a gun.

3:33AM — Officers are flagged down at Halsted and Newport by pedestrians who report hearing a woman scream for help. 911 receives a similar call. The woman is not found.

3:54AM — Over at Illinois Masonic Medical Center, a 26-year-old man is being treated for injuries suffered in a battery at Roscoe and Halsted.

4:02AM — Witness reports seeing 6 black men, one armed with a knife, attack and rob a victim near Belmont and Kenmore. The offenders are last seen running toward the Belmont Red Line station.

4:02AM — A different caller reports people "fighting" in front of a bar at Belmont and Sheffield. One man is bleeding. It's not clear if this is the same incident as the robbery, a second attack by the same crew as they ran toward the CTA station, or if it is totally unrelated.

4:16AM — A 61-year-old robbery victim is getting stitched back together at Illinois Masonic, the hospital reports.

4:28AM — Up at Irving Park and Broadway, Thorek Hospital reports that they are patching up a 31-year-old intoxicated man who got beat up as he walked home.

8:09AM — Roofing contractor atop an apartment building at 459 Belmont says a resident came out of their unit with a gun and ordered the laborers to stop working until 9AM. Dispatcher informatively notes that "a 311 supervisor says the ordinance allows construction between 8AM and 8PM, 7 days a week." Even if the occupant has a gun. No arrest.

9:47AM — Broadway and Grace. There's a man standing in traffic, playing a guitar for tips.

11:38AM — Back on the 2700 block of Wilton, some residents have found their back door kicked in. They think the intruder is in the basement. As you and I know, the door was kicked in 9 hours earlier. Intruder is still gone. This time, a report is filed.

1:41PM — A fire is reported at St. Alphonsus Church, 1429 Wellington. Police and firemen burst inside to find a wedding in progress. The fire turned out to be "a bit of an overreaction to excessive use of incense."


Roscoe's (Yelp)
12:52AM — Another man is beaten at Roscoe and Halsted. Transported to Illinois Masonic Medical Center. Offender is last seen westbound on Roscoe: Male, black, crew cut hair that is longer on top, black hoodie with skulls and lightning bolts on it, black jeans, black Nike shoes. "It happened right in front of Roscoe's," an officer reports.

1:13AM — What's the deal on Wilton? One block from last night's attempted break-in, three men jump and rob a man near 2634 Wilton—a couple of blocks from the Diversey CTA station. They took his money and his phone. Last seen southbound on Wilton. Offender #1: Male, black, 6'2" tall, "very thin," wearing a gray hoodie and earrings. Offender #2: Male, black, dreadlocks. #3: No description.

2:44AM — Fight inside Big G's Pizza, 3716 Clark. Four or five men punching and "throwing chairs and things." Officers catch up with the crew next to Wrigley Field. A police Taser is deployed. Two arrested. Tazing recipient hospitalized.

3:46AM — Police call for an ambulance outside of Circuit Nightclub for a man who received a "pretty good gash to the back of his head" in a fight.
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Saturday, November 15, 2014

OUTNUMBERED: 3 Are Mugged By Gangs In Separate Incidents—Gun, Knife In The Mix (UPDATED)

UPDATE NOVEMBER 17 8:47AM— Police have issued a community alert for robberies in the area. The alert connects the Clark/School and Cornelia/Wilton robberies with the same group of offenders.

UPDATE NOV 17 1:10AM: More robberies occurred since this report. There have now been 4 robberies in the immediate area and two more in nearby neighborhoods.

UPDATE 12:35PM—Added details of a third robbery.
Officers returning to the 19th district station after driving a robbery victim home this morning got flagged down in Wrigleyville by another robbery victim who needed their help.

Several witnesses saw the first victim get pushed to the ground and robbed at Clark and School (Aldine) shortly after 2 o’clock this morning.

According to bystanders, three to four black men in their teens or early 20’s robbed the man and fled southbound on Clark in a late 90’s Mercedes. The get-away car has back end damage and a bungee cord was used to hold its trunk closed. The victim told police that the offenders approached him and offered to sell him drugs before they robbed him.

Officers drove the victim to Lincoln Park and made their way back to the 19th district station. There, a second robbery victim flagged them down before they had a chance to park.

That man told the officers that four black men in their early 20’s approached him and offered to del l him drugs near Wilton and Cornelia shortly before 3AM. The men produced a handgun and ordered the victim to cover his eyes, which prevented him from remembering more detail about their descriptions.

When the man last saw the offenders, they were running northbound on Wilton toward Addison with his property.

A Late Addition

Yet another man was robbed, this time in a 6-on-1 attack, at Belmont and Kenmore shortly after we posted our story above.

The victim was approached by six black male offenders, two of whom had dreadlocks and one of whom had a knife, shortly after 4AM. The 911 caller told police that he could still see the offenders running eastbound to the Belmont Red Line station. No arrests. Case number TBD.

Busy Month

The Wrigleyville and Boystown neighborhood has seen a sharp decline in robberies this year, a refreshing change after suffering through three years of record-high muggings and beat-downs.

But, the year-over-year improvement slowed last month and this month is pacing to exceed 2013’s November total.

The CPD case numbers for today’s robberies are TBD.
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Friday, November 14, 2014

HEAD CASE: Lakeview Burglar Arrested; Cops Seek Victims

Detectives want to find the owner of this men's ring
from the Fenger High School class of 1966.
Area North detectives are trying to identify more burglary victims after arresting a man they believe pulled off numerous residential break-ins around the 19th district.

Dauta Head, 46, of the 5300 block of S. Indiana in the Washington Park neighborhood, is said by police to have specialized in burglarizing garden-level apartments and multi-unit buildings since July.

Police say they recovered "numerous" items after arresting Head, including jewelry, cameras and laptops. Other items are known to have been sold at area pawn shops, cops say.

Head (Cook Co. Sheriff's Office)
Investigators are "specifically" interested in finding the owner of a 1966 men's class ring from Fenger High School. The ring is engraved with the letters DJB.

Detectives may be contacted by calling 312.744.8263 and asking for Area North robbery/burglary/theft investigators.

Head is being held in lieu of 25,000 bail.
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