Thursday, July 24, 2014

WELCOME BACK: Robbery, Hate Crime Convict Returns To Boystown...With A Stolen Car

A Boystown foot patrol officer's hunch uncovered a stolen car and an interesting character in our neighborhood around 5 o'clock Wednesday evening.

After running the license plate of a vehicle in the 7-Eleven parking lot at Roscoe and Halsted, the officer learned that the car—a 2002 Buick—had been reported stolen out of Park Ridge.

The 27-year-old driver of the auto, who just finished parole on May 1st, was taken into custody for criminal trespass to a vehicle.

CWB is withholding the driver's name until charges are formalized. His criminal history is colorful, though.

In addition to being an alleged gang affiliate, court records show that he was sentenced to four years in prison in 2010 for robbery, aggravated battery, and a hate crime. He was paroled after serving slightly more than two years.

Oh, yes. One more thing. His address of record? 3179 N. Broadway, the former home of the Broadway Youth Center.
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READLING LIST: A Couple Of Recommendations

Two Three good ways to spend a commute:

• The Tribune's Rex W. Huppke's write up on "turning points" would be a wise investment of three minutes.

• Former cop Bob Zuley continues his outstanding coverage of Jacob Klepacz's death with reports on last week's arrest in the case. Zuley's crime reporting for the Inside group of community papers went to a new level with his work on Jacob's story. Paper copies are in area stores and online subscriptions are $10 per year.

• How often do we hear someone—usually an alderman—dismiss violent crime as "gang related," as if that should somehow ease minds? Or "the offenders weren't from this neighborhood" as if that should, too. Bill Savage's column about dismissing crime in one's neighborhood as being some other neighborhood's problem should be required reading.  He's over at Crain's Chicago Business.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

NITWIT: Workers Battered On Scaffolding Outside 48th Floor Apartment

The 48th floor of the Park Place Tower condominium building.
Workers on scaffolding outside the 48th floor of an Irving Park high rise got the scare of their lives this morning when an irate resident allegedly pelted them with eggs, a stuffed animal, and a broom stick in an effort to get them to be quiet so he could get some sleep.

When that didn't work, building management alleges, the resident—who bartends at a swanky rooftop lounge in the Loop—began pulling on the scaffolding's ropes!

Police arrived at the 655 W. Irving Park address around 11:30AM and were given access to the bartender's unit.

There, the sleepy headed night owl was arrested for battery. CPD case HX356884. Charges are pending.
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PERV TV: "Upskirt" Bust At Addison Red Line

Chicago Police arrested a man after he was allegedly caught filming an "upskirt" video on a Red Line train moments before the start of last night's Cub's game.

Officers arrived at the Addison station shortly before 7 o'clock after multiple callers reported that citizens were holding the man who allegedly filmed up at least one woman's private areas with a camera hidden in a black plastic bag.

The man was busted after a victim who boarded at Belmont Avenue noticed that his hand was getting a little closer to her nether regions than she thought to be appropriate.

As the train approached Addison, the woman noticed a camera lens and screamed out, prompting bystanders to detain the offender. The victim subsequently told her story on Reddit, calling the offender "a weakling and a total wimp about getting caught."

An arrest was quickly made, but it is not yet clear how many women were victimized before the voyeuristic videographer got caught.

The case is logged as unauthorized videotaping in CPD case HX356096.

Helmont Strikes Again

City data released early this morning reveals yet another previously-unreported robbery on  Belmont Avenue. A victim was strong arm robbed outside of the Belmont CTA station at 12:30AM last Wednesday morning, according to the city. No arrest has been made in the matter, which is recorded in CPD case HX346969.

Burglary Beat

8:49PM Monday, 1100 block of Addison. Unlawful entry. Case HX354848.
10:17AM Tuesday, a church in the 800 block of Aldine. Forcible entry. Case HX355351.

Lighter Side: Suspect Description of The Week

Monday, July 14, 8:20PM: Suspicious person report, 3400 block of Elaine. Hispanic man is hugging trees and trying to start fights with pedestrians. He's wearing a blue shirt, black pants, and a Burger King crown
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OIL AND WATER: Battered By The Same Guy Twice

A man who has been found sleeping in at least one Boystown apartment complex hallway in recent days ran into a little more trouble at the Broadway Youth Center around 4 o'clock Monday afternoon.

According to the victim, he was sleeping in the BYC, which operates out of a church at 615 W. Wellington, when another center visitor slapped him and told him to "wake the hell up." Police responded after the victim found that the man who smacked him and some other "youths" were waiting for him to leave the center premises.

Officers gave the victim a ride to another location, but no report was filed.

About an hour later, the same victim called 911 from near the Caribou Coffee at Broadway and Aldine after he was punched by a man whose description matches that of the youth center offender. A report was filed this time—CPD case HX354492.

But wait! There's more.

The victim called 911 again at 9:35 Monday night after seeing his attacker near the 7-Eleven store at Roscoe and Halsted. Police took the victim for a ride around the neighborhood and they stopped one suspect, but no one was arrested.

Michelle Wetzel, General Counsel of the Broadway Youth Center's parent organization, confirm details of the original incident and said that center staff had never encountered the offender in the BYC before Monday.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DOWNSIZING: Streeterville Man Accused In Boystown Robbery. Yes. Streeterville.

Streeterville as seen on Google Earth.
Eugene Cathery has had a pretty good run.

Charged in 2008 with three counts of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and 6 counts of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon/person, Cathery pleaded guilty to one count and the other 8 counts were dropped. He got 2 years probation. Nice.

Cook Co. Sheriff's Office
Cathery promptly violated that probation (not nice) and was given community service.  Nice.

He violated the probation again and got a year in prison.

A theft charge was dropped last year when the victim didn't show up in court.

He picked up a burglary charge last December, pleaded guilty, and got 18 months probation.

Then, theft and battery allegations came along on March 26.

Despite all of that, court records show, he managed to maintain an address on East Ohio Street in the cushy Streeterville neighborhood—Illinois's 10th richest ZIP code. Not bad for a 23-year-old.

Cook Co. Sheriff's Office
He won't be in Streeterville for a while, it seems. This weekend, Cathery was ordered held on $500,000 bond to face armed robbery charges stemming from a weekend hold-up near the 19th district police station.

According to court records and a police source, Cathery and 21-year-old Deondra White are accused of following a victim from the Addison Red Line to the Circle K/Shell station at Addison and Halsted early Saturday morning. The victim was allegedly beaten and robbed of their phone. When the victim followed the two perpetrators, it is alleged, one of them pulled out a knife.

White, who lives in the Gresham neighborhood, has bond set at $150,000.
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Monday, July 21, 2014

BEAT DOWN: Daylight Battery Victim Seeks Help In COH

A 20-year-old man who was jumped and beaten on Halsted Street at 9:30 this morning made his way into the Center on Halsted and collapsed onto a bathroom floor, according to a witness and Chicago Police. People in the Center dialed 911.

The victim, who was taken by ambulance to Illinois Masonic Medical Center, reported that several people in their teens and early 20's were involved in the attack that is believed to have left the man with a broken jaw.

Chicago Police say the beating took place in broad daylight directly in front of the Whole Foods at 3640 N. Halsted.

A description of the main offender was given as male, black, in his 20's, with short hair, wearing glasses, no shirt, and red pants.

CPD battery case HX353895.

EDIT July 21 5:22PM - Corrected address of occurrence.
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

FOUND IT: Vehicle Carjacked In Lake View Recovered On South Side, Cops Say

Shaquille Rush
(Cook Co. Sheriff's Office)
The vehicle taken in a Lake View carjacking on the Fourth of July has been recovered in the South Side's Grand Crossing police district according to a source in the department. A man who was allegedly driving the vehicle is in custody.

Officers allege that Shaquille Rush fled from the stolen vehicle after crashing it into a tree at 6801 S. Wabash in the Park Manor neighborhood on July 6th.  He was quickly taken into custody, police say.

Rush, who lives in the Gresham neighborhood, has been charged with criminal trespass to a vehicle, resisting a police officer, and two traffic violations.

He has not been charged with the carjacking nor has he been identified as a participant in the carjacking. His bond is set at $5,000.

Tuesday will be Rush's 20th birthday.
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

BATTERIES INCLUDED: Fists Flying, Blood Flowing In The Weekend's Early-Going

First one's free. A bouncer catches a right hook outside of
a Wrigleyville bar in this fresh YouTube posting 
(NSFW). Question
to ask: Where IS the police department's "Entertainment Detail?"
Keep your hands to yourselves, people. Among the asinine activities that are soaking up our police resources this weekend:


12:15AM - One female arrested for battery at Scarlet bar in Boystown.

12:30AM - Ten to fifteen teenagers fighting at Newport and Halsted. Officers catch up with a couple of them.

1:44AM - Two men fighting in front of Sluggers in Wrigleyville. It is not clear if this (NSFW) video, which appeared on YouTube yesterday, documents the shenanigans. As you watch, keep your eyes peeled for the widely-hyped police department "entertainment detail" to swoop in. We didn't see them. Maybe they have super-secret invisibility cloaks? More likely is this: There are only about 7 cops on the detail any given night and they cover 8 city blocks.

TOASTED: Two Arrested After Robbery Near Addison L; Helmont Claims More Victims

951 W. Addison as seen on Google Street View
Two people are in custody after a victim was robbed at knifepoint early this morning at 951 W. Addison, across from the Addison Red Line station.

Officers in the area were waved down around 2:30AM and quickly transmitted a description of the offender. Other officers immediately saw a man matching that description walking past the 19th district police station at 850 W. Addison.

The man was stopped, identified, and arrested at Addison and Halsted. A co-offender was taken in, too. Recorded as an armed robbery with a knife/cutting instrument in CPD case HX351108

Many of the recent robberies along Boystown's
"Helmont" Avenue are seen in this screenshot from
the City of Chicago's Data Portal.

Helmont Claims Two More

Newly-released data from the city shows that two more people were robbed last weekend along Belmont Avenue. One victim was robbed on the corner of Belmont and Clark at 1:30AM last Saturday. The other was robbed at Belmont and Halsted around 5:55 the same morning. CPD cases HX342374 and HX341773.

The Halsted/Belmont incident is the spot where this cab driver picked up the fare who later robbed him.

Robbed By The 1%

A Lexus-driving gunman robbed two people at Broadway and Clarendon early Thursday morning, near the Lake View Pantry. Police met the victims around 4:15AM and learned that four offenders—including one heavyset Asian guy with a handgun—robbed them of their phones, then jumped into a black Lexus and sped eastbound on Sheridan Road. Recorded as an armed robbery with a handgun in CPD case HX348345.
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